6 Incredible Benefits for Kids and Parents of Learning a Musical Instrument

Children have so much to do these days, with piles of homework, foreign languages to learn and various clubs and activities. With all of this going on, it may seem that music, learning a musical instrument, would simply be adding to the burden. But think on this: imagine a world with no music. Imagine that we were all too busy to learn how to play. No music, no singing. What a joyless place the world would be.

Music has been around for millennia, transcending cultures, times, races, continents. All human societies have some form of music, from simple drums and clapped rhythms, to wooden flutes, to sophisticated electronic equipment. Music, it seems, is part of our very existence.

Dreams – A Poem

Sitting looking at the waves
Splishing and splashing upon the shore.
I raise my head and smile
At the peace of the sea and the sand.
And there it is, catching my eye;
A flower, a single bloom.
Bright red against the blue,
Floating on, borne in by the tide.
A promise of beauty, of impossible wonder.
I lean forward, hand outstretched.
But it remains beyond my reach.
Drifting further out in the wide expanse,
To far off places and shores unknown.

Featured Image by Milada Vigerova/Unsplash

Common Grammar Mistakes … And How to Avoid Them

If you spend any time at all on internet forums or various social media outlets, by now you will probably have seen people criticizing each other for their use of grammar. Sometimes you are left wondering what the problem is!

There are some very common grammar mistakes, and avoiding them will make communication easier and help to keep your blood pressure down as people won’t be annoying you by criticizing your grammar!

Dumbing Down Language For Kids

How should we speak to our children? A question that comes up again and again. Should we use baby talk, words like din-dins for a meal and so on, when they are very small? Should we simplify matters during their childhood and avoid longer words and certain types of vocabulary that we regard as more advanced and therefore more complicated? Is one word enough to convey a meaning, or should we use synonyms? Does dumbing down language for kids help or hinder their development?

You’re Not Alone – Charitable Anthology

Today we would like to present to you a wonderful project, put together for charitable purposes. The project in question is an anthology of short stories by diverse writers from around the world, who all donated their time and effort to benefit the Macmillan Cancer Support nurses.

We have spoken to Ian Moore, the compiler of the anthology You’re Not Alone.

What is the Etymology of the Word Child?

etymology of the word child

Does the term “etymology” mean anything to you?
Put simply, it is the study of the origin of words and the ways in which their meanings have changed and developed over the course of the centuries.
An etymologist, therefore, is someone who looks at individual words or sometimes phrases and expressions, and tries to trace where they have come from.
A parenting site cannot be complete without reference to what makes us parents: our children, of course. Children fill our days – when we are not with them, we think about them.
What of the etymology of the word child itself? Where does it come from, and has it ever meant anything different?