Dear 13 Year Old Me…

Lynn Schreiber

Have you ever wished that someone had given you really good advice when you were younger? Perhaps you were lucky and had a trendy auntie or the friend of your mum, who sat down and shared some of their wisdom… because we all knew that our parents were so NOT cool, and not to be listened to. (Note to self – make sure there is someone who fits this bill in your daughter’s life in the coming years!)

If I could go back in time and give myself some advice (without totally FREAKING myself out), this is what I’d tell me.

Dear 13 year old me,

hey, welcome to your teens! It’s me, your middle-aged-self. I’m here to a) horrify you and b) give you some tips on surviving the next decade or two.

1. Don’t Worry About Being Uncool

I know you tell yourself, that you don’t want to be like all the others, but we both know that you do secretly worry that you are totally uncool. Trust your instinct. In 20 years time, you’ll notice that all the geeks, nerds and misfits are the really interesting adults with fascinating jobs, and the cool kids are just as boring as they were back when you were teens!

2. Your First Kiss will Suck

Perhaps not literally, but oh, boy will that be a disappointment. You’ll open your eyes and stare at the wall behind the head of the guy, and think, “Is this IT? What is all the fuss about?!” Don’t worry, you will find other guys who are better at this kissing game. Oh, in a few years, you’ll have a massive crush on a boy from Scouts. When you are 42 years old, you’ll find out that the reason he wasn’t that into you, was that he is gay. Don’t take his polite rejection personally!

3. Accept Your Destiny

I’d love to say ‘Don’t be discouraged by anyone, follow your dreams and be a writer’, but if you do that, then this life of mine won’t exist. Neither will my hilarious, talented and delightful children, as I won’t meet and fall in love with their dad . Sometimes you will take the long way around to get to your destination. Enjoy the detour!

4. Learn to Love Your Hair

It won’t be invented for a while yet, but when it does, buy yourself a BabyBliss Big Hair at the first opportunity. It will change the way you feel about your hair. Even better, invent it now and make a fortune. If you blow-dry your fringe AGAINST the cow’s lick, i.e. the opposite direction to your parting, it will sit nicer

5. Your Boobs WILL Grow. Eventually

Yes, right now you are the only one of your friends who is wearing an ‘alibi-bra’ cause you really have nothing to put in it, but they will grow eventually. Don’t worry too much about your appearance. The people who put a lot of importance on how you look aren’t the ones who will still be your friends 20 years from now.

6. Learn an Instrument

My one regret in life, is that I can’t play piano. We have one now, and it sits there and DARES me to touch it. I’d really love to be able to play it, and right now you have time to learn. Yes, you’ll have to learn to read music, but get over it!


Ok, so that’s pretty much it, 13-year old me.  Oh, one more thing. No matter how much you love Julia Robert’s hair in Pretty Woman, DO NOT GET A PERM. Just don’t, ok?


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