Free eBook – Online Safety for Kids

This eBook on Online Safety for Kids is completely free to download.

You want to allow your children to use the internet but are worried about what they might encounter.

Your kids’ friends are all online and you are being nagged to buy your kid a phone.

Your kid wants to try the new app that everyone is raving about but you are not sure if it is safe.

Every parent will come across issues like this, and sadly, we can’t leave it up to schools to teach our kids how to stay safe online. Most schools will teach kids about cyberbullying as part of their anti-bullying curriculum but they often don’t go into other topics due to time, resource or budget constraints.

This book is designed for parents, but also for teachers who want to introduce these topics in their class. It covers all ages and gives a broad overview of the issues that kids might encounter online.

We start with an overview of the legal situation at present and cover topics such as privacy and free speech, online shaming and going viral, influencers and reputation management. Each chapter ends with some suggestions on how to talk to your kids about these issues.

This eBook is available as PDF to download or in an eBook format (e.g. for reading on Apple Books).