7 Good Reasons to Raise Your Kids Bilingual

Does your family use more than one language? Or does your child speak a different language at school from the one spoken at home? This is the first in a series of three posts by Millie Slavidou – today looking at 7 good reasons to raise your kids bilingual. In the past, bilingualism was often discouraged, and parents were advised to use only one language with their children. Non-native speaker parents would be encouraged to use what was for them a foreign language to communicate with their children. An awkward and false situation, especially for parents without a strong grasp on the dominant community language. These days, things have changed. Studies have proved that bilingualism is not only possible, but beneficial. Children can easily cope with more than one native language and soon learn to sort out which vocabulary and grammar structures belong to which language. The Language of Love At home, it is much better for parents to be able to speak their mother tongues, the languages in which they are most comfortable, to their children. Imagine speaking tenderly and using terms of endearment in a language you are not overly familiar with! It wouldn’t come naturally, and this can be sensed by a child, thereby creating an unintended emotional distance between them. It’s Brain-Training Even if you happen to be fluent in the community language, there are still so many benefits to bilingualism; who wouldn’t want their child to have a good vocabulary and a better understanding of other cultures? Some studies have shown better cognitive skills in bilingual children, as well as an improvement … Continue reading 7 Good Reasons to Raise Your Kids Bilingual