Bilingualism – Resources for Parents

When parents decide to raise their child with two languages, they are often faced with conflicting advice, and information. We’ve tried to include resources that cover a wide range of issues and ages.

We’ve separated these into “Websites”, which are more resource and advice based, and “Blogs”, which are more personal, although many still have great advice and resources. The blogs are all written in English, and listed by the focus language.

Jump! Parents


7 Good Reasons to Raise Your Kids Bilingual


How to Support Bilingual Children


Bilingualism and Special Needs




Bilingualism Myth Buster – Children are Sponges


Bringing up a Child in a Non-Native Language



Bilingual Monkeys


Website and forum by Adam Beck, educator, writer and father of two bilingual kids. His site is a treasure trove for bilingual parents, with great tips and information.


Bilingual Kids Rock


Website with advice, resources, product and book reviews on bringing up multilingual kids. They also have interesting podcasts, interviewing experts on bilingualism and language.


Multilingual Parenting 


Advice and resources from mother of two multilingual girls, including podcasts, live webinars and individual family coaching.




Multilingual Mama


The engaging and well-written blog of a home-schooling multilingual mum in Thailand, with tales of her own experience, advice and support for other parents.


Trilingual Mama


Multilingual, multicultural advice and resources from a mother of four, with a great list of multilingual family blogs. Maria also offers family consultations, for those looking for personalised advice and support.

Multicultural Kid Blogs

Multicultural Kid Blogs

Dedicated to raising world citizens, through arts, activities, crafts, food, language, and love, with bloggers around the world.



Kids and Language 

“Long-time English teacher/ trainer/ learner and new mother of 2, I have worked my way around the world, loving the various stopping points and the people they have brought into my life. Not yet at the end of the road, I am currently living in Vienna, Austria.

I teach, I learn, I want to know more. Languages have always been my thing, ever since my parents tried to use French as their secret language. Innately nosy I have always wanted to be able to listen in on other people’s conversations, hence now the ability to speak a few languages quite well and a few more quite badly. And I hold a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Language Studies, so some of my knowledge is, well, hopefully more than just guesswork”. 


Diana is a full time working mom and bilingual writer, who blogs about motherhood, Latino and women’s issues, food and travel, and raising her multilingual and multicultural son!


Spanish Mama


Written by a non-native Spanish speaker, who lives in US with her bilingual family. Resources and advice for all multilingual parents, with focus on Spanish language.



Hao Mama


An excellent source of resources and information on bringing up kids speaking Chinese/English. Great use of YouTube, which is a wonderful way to connect to kids.


Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kids or TCKs are children who are being brought up in a culture that is foreign to both parents. A particular challenge, as it means both of the native languages are minority languages in the country in which they are living.

Third Culture Mama


Modern and sleek blog, with musings from a third culture mama, on her life as a TCK and bringing up her bilingual children in America. A well written, and thoroughly engaging blog.


Facebook Groups

facebook group

Bilinguals with Greek Facebook Group

For bilingual/ multilingual families, who speak Greek as at least one of their languages
Για οικογένεις δίγλωσσες ή πολύγλωσσες με την ελληνική ως μια από τις γλώσσες τους


Raising Bilingual/Multilingual Kids Facebook Group

If you are raising a polyglot, then you have come to the right place. Limited to discussions on raising bilingual/multilingual children.