Ham and Leek Pie

Fed up cooking the same things week and week out? Our #SimpleTastes series by Asha Fowells aims to widen your repertoire, with quick and easy family meals. This week’s recipe is all about the leeks, so is eminently suitable for vegetarians, but if you have some leftover gammon, ham or cooked chicken, it beefs it up (if you’ll pardon the pun) and stretches it that bit further.

Simple Tastes 4 – a Grown-up Hot, Sweet and Sour Sauce

Asha is back with another quick and easy recipe for busy parents. While our Simple Tastes recipes are aimed at families, sometimes parents yearn for a ‘grown-up’ meal. It’s a great idea to get kids used to lots of flavours when they are little, but there are some dishes that most children will eye with suspicion, including anything too spicy.

This is another Nigella-inspired dish (I have aspirations to be a Domestic Goddess, but, oddly enough, the rush of domestic life gets in the way), but is probably isn’t one for the kids unless your children have adventurous taste buds. What it is fantastic for, however, are those nights when you have given the children something easy for dinner (for we all have fish finger evenings!) but want something yourself that is delicious but hardly little effort. This is the one. Trust me.

Simple Tastes 3 – Teriyaki Surprise

Here’s another simple but delicious dinner idea from Asha. The wonder is in the sauce, which has that balance of warmth and stickiness, so welcome after a long day at school or work. It’s quick too, you can make it in 15 minutes.

Simple Tastes – Quick Curry

Welcome back to Simple Tastes with a new recipe by Asha Fowells. This quick curry recipe is for those (like me) who reach for the jar of sauce, because they are unsure how to create a curry from scratch.
All you need is a few spices, a tin of tomatoes and your choice of protein. You can use this recipe for meat, fish or vegetarian dishes, and it is adaptable for those who have dairy intolerances. See the notes at the end of the recipe for adaptations.