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Lynn Schreiber

We are huge fans of YouTube, and the educational benefits for kids. Here’s a great way to spend an afternoon – take one of our #12women books, and search YouTube.

Obviously, you won’t find interviews with Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir, because VikingTube didn’t exist, but there are fascinating stories out there, waiting to be discovered. We’ve compiled a child friendly playlist here.

Watch this inspiring interview with Mae Jamison, first female astronaut of colour

Some of the themes that Kira Salek talks about in her videos may be too advanced or frightening for kids, which is why we added this video of her photographs to our YouTube playlist. In this video, Kira talks about the realities of being a woman explorer, and how she prepares for her trips.



Junko Tabei returns to Everest, the mountain she first climbed 40 years before



This is an amazing woman – you really do have to listen to her talk about her trips! First black woman to reach North and South Pole, Barbara Hillary



Some swear words and adult language here, but certainly worth watching (as is her speech to the American Atheist National Convention. It is hilarious, but not for the easily offended!)



Incredible footage of Louise Boyd‘s 1928 expedition here



You can buy 12 Awesome Women Explorers on Amazon, or ask in your local bookstore – the sale of our books helps to fund the writing on Jump! Mag.

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