About Jump! Mag for Kids

Founder and editor, Lynn Schreiber started Jump! Mag after becoming frustrated with the available print media for girls, much of which is a mere advertising vehicle for reality TV celebrities and US teen sit-coms, interspersed with “reviews” of latest console games.

During the first year, we had a lot of feedback from boys, and their parents, asking us to open up the site to boys. We realised that the articles are just as interesting for boys, but they were put off by the ‘for Girls’ in the title.

The magazine encourages and supports both girls and boys, and is gender neutral. This means that articles are not aimed at boys or girls, but at all kids. Each child can then read what really interests them, not what society thinks they should be interested in.

We feature fun articles and creative craft ideas, personal and school/career advice, insights into careers that they may not have considered, articles about children around the world and interactive content, some of it written by their peers. We feature great role models – not celebrities, but athletes, scientists, writers,  archaeologists, engineers, counsellors and councillors.

We are always on the look out for new ideas and contributors so if your child would like to help make Jump! magazine a real alternative to the current print magazines for kids, do get in touch.

We are particularly interested in articles from our young readers. Whether book review, report on a sporting event, political commentary, crafts,  photography … or anything else that you are interested in.

Advertising, Reviews & Sponsored Posts

From time to time, we shall link to websites and recommend companies. We shall always tell you if we, or our writers, have received any financial compensation or free products in return for writing an article. When we review products, we will be impartial and only recommend a product or service if we liked it.


We welcome comments from our readers.

At Jump! Mag we take the safety and well-being of your children very seriously. All comments are moderated before being published. We realise that it is exciting for the children to see their comments appear at the bottom of an article, but we ask for understanding that we must vet all comments first.

If a comment is deemed offensive, or the child reveals more information that we feel is appropriate, then we may delete or alter that comment. If this happens, then we shall contact you (through the email address registered for commenting) to make you aware of this.

For this reason, we advise all parents to use a family email address or one that they regularly check. The email address will not be used to contact you for any other reason,  and will not be passed on to third parties.

For information on how to keep your child safe online, we refer to the article on Child Safety Online


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We welcome feedback and suggestions. You can contact our editor, Lynn Schreiber directly via lynn@jumpmag.co.uk or on Twitter @lynncschreiber and @jumpmag

Please note that we do not accept articles written with the intent of selling products or services, or those which include follow links.


Jump! Mag is a non-profit endeavor and all our contributors work in their free time.  If you’d like to support us, please take a look at the books that we’ve published.