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Lynn Schreiber
In the past years, I’ve become aware of a growing trend, an ever increasing number of young mums are becoming entrepreneurs. Beyond the yummymummy mumpreneur stereotype (two words that make me want to spit, by the way, but that’s a topic for a later post!), there are thousands of women who are taking the scary step into self-employment.
For some it is due to the cost of childcare, as they can schedule their work around the sleeping and playing patterns of their children. For other mothers, the time out after the birth gives them an opportunity to re-evaluate their life and career path, and to take a different route. We spoke to Nisha Patel, co-founder of Natural Health Star, a new online health store, who has taken that first step.

Something dramatically shifted for me when I became a mum. I suspect it’s the same for all mums but when I looked down at my beautiful first born daughter, as well as feeling indescribable happiness and pride, I felt some other unexpected emotions.

I felt confident and strong (surprising after 13 hours of labour). Even though my body had completely transformed, I was proud of myself for what I’d achieved, growing and giving birth to another human being.

As the months went on and I looked after my little bundle of joy, I started to think about all the things I hoped for her. I wanted her to be happy and confident in who she truly was. I suddenly felt like this was one of the most important pieces of my life’s work. Shaping a little person and co-creating a happy family home. This work really mattered to me.

Then I began to look further, at things like who I really was and what other things were really important to me. I guess I’d never really analysed these things in such profound detail before becoming a mum.

Before having children I’d always slightly dreaded the massive responsibility that came with it. But now it was here I was feeling invigorated and ready to try out new challenges.

If I wanted my daughter to be happy and confident in who she was, then it was important for me to do the same. I needed to discover the things that really mattered to me. Family life and good friends were things I always really valued, but I also enjoyed working.

When my daughter turned one I returned to work, but soon realised it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore; how could I go off and do something I wasn’t truly passionate about, when thats what I really wanted for my daughter. I cared deeply about being with her, and it felt counter-intuitive to leave her to spend time doing a job I didn’t really love.

It took me a lot of trial and error, another two years and another baby girl later to discover what I really wanted to do with my life. When I started on my journey to my new life’s work suddenly everything seemed to align. Things just flowed and seem to happen. I was working hard to make things happen but it didn’t feel like hard work.

Most importantly I felt authentic. I knew I could face my daughters and feel confident in the words I told them, with regards to what I hoped for them, as I was doing the same for myself.

Sometimes I have a wobbly moment, thinking about how hard a change in career is, and how much easier in terms of money, hard work and time it would be, if I went back to doing what I did before. Then I think of my daughters and remember that I don’t want to give up on my dreams of living the life that is important to me, for the same reasons as I don’t want them to give up. What I wish for them is the same wish I have for myself; to live an authentic joyful life with no regrets.


Natural Health StarNisha and her co-founder Preet are using their science backgrounds in pharmacy and biochemistry, to create a website highlighting safe natural health products which focus on prevention rather than treatment, nutritious and delicious health food, skincare products containing simple, therapeutic ingredients and pure home care products.
Their blog discusses the latest developments in natural healthcare and well-being, with contributions from experts. Don’t miss their great recipe page, with healthy and nutritious family meals and snacks, including free from and natural sweet treats.


I met Nisha via our Jump! Business Facebook group, which was set up to enable women to support other women in business. It’s not a typical networking group, as the idea behind it is to swap resources, and receive feedback and tips from other women. More info here!

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