Non-Resident Mother – Lyndsey’s Story Part Three

Continuing Lyndsey’s story, a woman living apart from her children. In Part One Lyndsey described how it came about, what went wrong in her life. In Part Two we learn how she learned to cope with the situation. Now, in Part Three, we find out how Lyndsey is doing now, and how can still be the mother her girls need her to be.

Non-Resident Mother – Lyndsey’s Story – Part Two

This is the second of a trilogy of posts, telling the tale of Lyndsey, a non-resident mother, who had to come to terms with losing the custody of her two girls. In Part One, Lyndsey explained what happened in her life, to bring her to this point. In Part Three, we will hear how life has treated Lyndsey since, and how she is doing now.