Halloween Costumes for Mums Who Hate Dress Up

Lynn Schreiber

Hands up who hates fancy dress costumes? If you are like me, then the thought of putting on a witty costume and heading out trick or treating is on par with going to the supermarket in your PJs, then check out our fantastic Halloween costumes for mums who hate dress up!

Notorious R.B.G

Notorious RBG Costume

I’ve been reading the book Notorious R.B.G about the life and times of Supreme Court judge Ruth Ginsburg recently. Celebrate Halloween by dressing up as the woman herself. Blogger Kristy used the same dress to play dress-up as Audrey Hepburn, which appeals to my thrifty side!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Texts Costume

This one is SO easy. All you need is dark glasses, black blazer and shirt, chunky jewellery and a phone. Bonus – you can chat on FB all evening, and when someone complains, say “I’m a method actor, daaahling!”

Lise Meitner

Lise Meitner

One of our #12Women of Science, Lise was a pioneer of science, who really should be known as part of the team who discovered nuclear fission. Dress up as Lise, and you’ll be able to tell everyone you meet who you are, and spread the word! Find more women like Lise on the excellent Take Back Halloween site.



Never been a better time to be a suffragette! With the film just released, everyone is talking about votes for women, and as long as you have a long skirt and a big hat, you’ll be fine. Extra points if you manage to dig up a lace-necked blouse and some purple and green ribbons.

Rosie the Riveter











All you need is a red headscarf, a blue shirt, red lippy and some attitude.


Gertrude Bell


Another of our #12Women, Gertrude was an English writer, archaeologist and spy who was often known as Queen of the Desert. A big hat is needed for this costume, or you could go for the desert look, in khakis. I wonder if I could dress the dog up as a camel…