Not Another Sandwich – 12 Fab and Fun Holiday Lunches

Lynn Schreiber

Here’s a question from our Facebook group recently,

I’m really looking forward to the schools breaking up for summer next week. I love the holidays, but always struggle with lunch ideas for the six of us. I generally try to keep the food budget down (so we have more to spend on holidays and trips)… Does anyone have any interesting suggestions please?

Did our group have suggestions? You’d better believe it. They had loads, and to preserve all the great ideas for posterity, we are posting them here!

Leftover Lunches

I don’t know about your kids, but nothing makes my son happy like cold pizza. He’d eat it every day if I let him. Ultimate holiday treat for him is cold pizza for breakfast! Reheat, jazz up, or eat cold, whatever best suits you.

Recipes here

Savoury Cakes

These are great for preparing ahead and popping in the oven, and make great take-away picnic food too. You can make them with pretty much any filling, and they are quick and easy to bake.

Recipes here:

Go Global

Have a week of trying specialities from around the world. My favourite is Obatzda, which you can make without the beer that the recipe stipulates. You can buy Brezels in many UK supermarkets, including Marks and Spencer. My husband would like you to know that Germans wouldn’t normally use a bierkrug like that – they are for tourists!

Recipes here:


What are your favourite holiday lunches? Leave a comment below, or join the Facebook Group chat here.

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