How to Keep Your Home Warm on a Budget

As temperatures drop, my friends and I have the same conversation that we had last year, and the year before and every year. Who is the first one to switch on the heating? For some folk though, it’s not just a question of when they wish to start heating the house. Families living with high energy prices on a low income simply can’t afford to use the heating very much; some can’t afford it at all. If you are struggling this year, here are some tried and tested tips on how to keep your home warm on a budget.

DIY Tricks to Keep Your Home Warm on  Budget

Check your windows

As windows get older they can let draughts in, both through the part that opens and through cracks between the frame and the wall. Every autumn we use masking tape (very cheap from craft or DIY shops) to seal up the gaps.

Draught-proof your doors

Use masking tape for your external doors as well, and for covering keyholes to stop the draught coming in – it’s easily removable when you need to get in or out! You can make your own draught excluders by stuffing old tights with scrunched up newspaper and tying up the ends. A letterbox draught excluder helps to keep the cold air out. Having a heavy/lined curtain over the door will help too, which brings us to our next tip.