About Jump! Parents

Why Jump! Parents?

The online magazine for kids Jump! Mag was founded in 2012 by Lynn Schreiber, and has grown in popularity over the past years. In late 2014, we started publishing books by the authors of Jump! Mag, because what they’d been writing was too awesome to keep to ourselves! (And because quite frankly – while it’s wonderful to create all this amazing content for free, we do have mortgages to pay and families to feed).

In addition to the content for kids, we sometimes published articles aimed at their parents, but were never fully comfortable discussing some topics on the kids website. For this reason, the Jump! Parents website was created in June 2015, along with the Jump! Parents Facebook group,  a safe place to discuss and debate the issues raised here, and to give and receive advice on topics surrounding being a parent of tween+ kids. It is the grown-up version of Jump! Mag.

Why Tween+?

Most of our articles will deal with kids of this age and older. We use age ranges rather than school grades, because we have readers around the world, and it saves us having to constantly google ‘what is middle school age in USA’! We’ve found lots of websites aimed at parents of babies and toddlers, but wanted to create a space for parents of older kids.

Who Are We?

Lynn Schreiber is a freelance writer, and social media trainer. She has a particular interest in the rights of women and girls, and founded Jump! Mag in 2012.

Jump! Parents was founded in co-operation with Rebecca Pintre, a Life Coach who aims to help women discover their inner awesome at Artemis Mindset Coaching.

We’ve a host of guest writers lined up to write for us. We are avid blog readers, and have asked some of our favourite bloggers to write for us. We know how hard it can be to find good blogs nowadays, and there aren’t an awful lot of people writing about tweens and teens.

Why Parent With Confidence?

Rebecca is a coach who specialises in helping women who have lost their mojo and need a bit of a boost. Her clients are often women who’ve lost themselves in the parenting jungle, and need a bit of a hand to work out which path to take next. The kids are getting more independent, and need less physical attention (changing nappies, feeding, preventing from sticking fingers in sockets) but need more emotional attention.

Some women are also coping with demands of their own parents – and they find themselves in the position of carers for the younger and the elder generation.

For many women, this time is a time of change. Going back to work, or reassessing if the job you are doing is the right one, the one that makes you happy. It can be scary, taking the leap and trying something new, and we often lack the confidence to do this.

We put ourselves down, and we belittle our achievements, we apologise too often, and we carry a lot of guilt around.

Parent With Confidence is about YOU and how you parent your kids

We want to give you tools to connect better with your kids. We’ll speak to experts, and discuss developments in education, child psychology, health, eSafety and much more – to give you the confidence to deal with any problems that crop up.

We are relentless, hopeless (or should that be hopeful) optimists. We won’t skirt the difficult topics, but we will try to approach them in a positive and constructive way. It’s not an activist site, or a politically affiliated to any party or organisation. We aren’t trying to save the planet or dismantle the patriarchy (although, never say never!).

We are all about empowerment. It’s a revolution. Polite, but firm, and powered by cake and copious cups of tea. So pop the kettle on, pull up a chair and join us for a natter!


Beyond Parenting

Ok, so we are all about parents, but beyond parenting, we recognise that we are individuals. Most of us are very different now to the people we were BC (Before Children). We can’t just decide at the drop of a hat that we are going out for drinks, or booking a flight to Paris for the weekend, but what we lack in spontaneity, we make up for in enthusiasm when we actually get out of the house. Jump! Parents will also be a place to discuss other topics such as fashion and style, holidays, relationships and family, career, art and culture … and a whole host of other topics.

Advertising, Reviews & Sponsored Posts

From time to time, we shall link to websites and recommend companies. We shall always tell you if we, or our writers, have received any financial compensation or free products in return for writing an article. When we review products, we will be impartial and only recommend a product or service if we liked it.

While we do not accept advertising on Jump! Mag, as the site is aimed at children, we do accept advertising on Jump! Parents and Jump! Books to help pay for the running costs of the sites (and to keep us in biscuits!). Please do get in touch, if you are interested in advertising with us.


We welcome comments from our readers. Comments may be moderated, and if a comment is deemed offensive,  then we may delete that comment.



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